Sacroiliac Joint Steroid Injection


This pain management injection procedure is performed to relieve pain caused by arthritis in the sacroiliac (SI) joint where the spine and hip bone meet. The steroid medication can reduce swelling and inflammation in the hip joint


This procedure is used to help with pain from the SI joint or hip area. The SI joint can become inflamed from arthritis of the joint, degeneration, injury or trauma to the area. The sciatic nerve that comes from the lumbar area and down the entire leg can also be affected as it comes close to the joint. This procedure is used to treat sacroililitis, SI joint pain, lower lumbar pain, pelvic region or hip pain, and other painful conditions of the pelvic region.

What to Expect

1. SI joint is Located – The patient lies face down. A cushion is placed under the stomach for comfort and to arch the back. The physician uses touch and either a fluoroscope (x-ray) or ultra sound probe to find the SI joint.
2. Anesthetic is Injected – A local anesthetic numbs the skin and all of the tissue down to the surface of the SI joint.
3. Needle is Inserted & Steroids are injected – The physician advances a needle through the anesthetized track and into the SI joint. A steroid-anesthetics mix is injected into the SI joint, bathing the painful area in medication. The needle is then removed and a small bandage is placed over the injection site.


Outcomes of the procedure can be to reduce the inflammation and increase use and function of the painful limb. It may also be used in conjunction with other pain management procedure or conservative management in order to increase walking, functionality and reduce the need for medications to treat pain.