Although a wide diversity of ideas currently exists among chiropractors they share the belief that the spine and health are related in a fundamental way, and that this relationship is mediated through the nervous system. Chiropractors examine the biomechanics, structure and function of the spine, along with its effects on the musculoskeletal and nervous systems and what they believe to be its role in health and disease.


A holistic approach to health and the spine is the basis for why most people seek chiropractic care. The main reason people seek out chiropractor care is low back pain. Muscular pain of the spine, hip and back issues can be well treated with the manipulation and adjustments based on chiropractic principles. It is an adjunctive therapy to a healthy lifestyle and pain program and can be used to help with many different conditions causing pain of the spine and muscular system.

What to Expect

You can expect to be referred to a chiropractor as indicated for the treatment of spinal or muscular type pain. They should do a history, exam and give you a care plan for treatment. Most insurance will cover some chiropractic care but not all chiropractors will accept payment, such that most patients should expect to pay for each session. It may take multiple visits to achieve the desired results and it may take additional sessions over time to maintain the holistic state of health desired.


Chiropractic therapy has achieved good results in many different conditions and is used as an adjunctive therapy commonly for low back painful conditions. Like most therapy, it may need to be repeated in order to achieve the expected results along with other pain management therapy and holistic therapy used for a total pain management