Personalized Medicine

Rx stethascope gg64649896Learn How Personalized Tailored Medicine can change Patients Health care.

With Tailored Medicine, using genetic testing for metabolism of common medications the physcian can achieve several opportunities of improved decision making in the care of patients.

Tailored medicine can speed up results of depression care plans by choosing the correct medications to start initially.

Tailored medicine can place patients on the correctly metabolized medications for their conditions.  Physicians can skip the guess work and some of the trial and error periods and help achieve stability of care quicker.

With control of pain via a Pain–Personal Care Plan™, it should ease the need to change medications as often for the control of high blood pressure, diabetic insulin needs and other stress related medications.  With Tailored Medicine and Personalized Care Plans the patient can experience increased function which should help reduce overall medication needs while improving health and compliance.  A safer result, quicker, for all concerned.

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