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Genetic testing for personalized pain medicine

Genetic testing for personalized pain medicine

Pain management is the practice of pain medicine.  It can be very complicated.  It can draw from multiple disciplines of medicine in order to manage all the aspects of a personal life that is affected by pain.  It requires a long-term plan of care for the individual with chronic pain.  It changes over time and with treatment and can require ongoing follow up in order to achieve increased function with pain management.

The goal of Vitality Pain Center is to have individuals achieve the best possible pain management and functional lifestyle available using all the tools available from medicine.  This requires a multi-disciplines approach possibly using medications, injections, minimally invasive procedures, physical therapy, psychological testing, and treatment, as well as behavior therapy and alternative medicine techniques when indicated.  Not all patients will use all modalities, but all should be available if needed.  Only suggesting one or two and not the others is to not take full advantage of modern pain medicine.

New testing techniques can be used as well in order to achieve the maximum functionality of the medicines and procedures available.  Genetic testing for metabolism of the patient’s medications allows the physician to suggest that other or different medicines will actually work better for individual patients. Medications change, but the patients’ genetic profile does not and can be used throughout the program to manage pain therapy.

Treatment for co-morbid conditions or other medical problems must also be accounted for in order to achieve the best outcome.  Depression is a good example.  Untreated or undiagnosed depression will not allow for chronic pain to be treated as effectively as needed.  Likewise, it will make the pain worse and harder to treat.  Both must be diagnosed correctly and treated together in order to achieve the best outcome.  Genetic testing can help tremendously in this regard and help avoid any adverse medication interactions.  Depression screening can help pick out the early stage of untreated depression and quicken the progression of a patients pain program.

Compliance measures including screening as above, urine drug testing for quantity levels and appropriate dosing, dependence testing for abuse screen and drug abuse risk assessment can also help design a program for pain management in even some of the most complicated cases.  All these measures taken together can design a personalized pain care program, that along with primary care treatment will allow most chronic pain patients to achieve the best outcome possible.  The management of the patient’s pain to allow for the most function achievable is the goal.

Vitality Pain Center is dedicated to being the chronic pain patients Pain Home with an individual Pain-Personalized Care Plan™ for each patient.  We are also a home for TLC, or Tailored Long-term Care with links for lab results and ability to access each individuals’ Patient Portal where they have access to their electronic health.  .

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